Capacity Building Concepts

Finally getting around to putting thoughts together on the capacity concept. I’m convinced we need to have a three-tiered structure with increasing levels of detail. The theme I’m going to drive through this collection of articles is that capacity and scalability are peas in a pod or brothers in arms. You have to have capacity to scale and scalability allows you to make use of your investment in building capacity. . . . → Read More: Capacity Building Concepts

When efficiency isn’t

[Originally published December 18, 2009] If we’re really going to expand our thinking, some of the most basic concepts – and those that seem to be most precious to consultants – need revisiting. . . . → Read More: When efficiency isn’t

A walk in the forest…

Systems Thinking teaches us how to scale our perspective to study the forest or the trees, while Systems Engineering tells us what to do with the data we find.

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