Who is Matthew E. Weilert?

As a “recovering engineer” I’ve come full circle to embrace the transition from smart to heart in informing reason through compassion. Through my work in dance, costume design and lots of overseas travel, I bring a uniquely seasoned flavor to life-skills coaching and small business while retaining the discipline that made me a “special selection trainer” to the Department of Energy’s Hanford Works.

As a international innovator in operations, system safety and risk, I’ve advised billion-dollar brands like Kraft, Coca-Cola, Bacardi, GM & the US Navy on what it takes to go from “good to great” in enterprise risk. As a “global mindset thinker” (Thunderbird Graduate School 2011) with strategic vision as a key strength (Buckingham|Strengthsfinder), I have been privileged to lead finance, medical, military and university networks of leaders (see http://is.gd/JNTxkg) to better risk results.

In technology talks from DC to Vancouver and as a guest lecturer at graduate schools from Houston to Malta, my keynotes and workshops have created compelling memories for people at hundreds of venues. With a childlike delight in storytelling, I have been a featured speaker and event facilitator for decades, ranging from intimate Art Guild club meetings to keynotes at Fortune 100 headquarters.

After recognizing these memories change behaviors, my firm developed the Language Leverage™ series, which equips leaders to deliver trust — simply with the spoken word — and the transparent behaviors that back it up.

Reach out and let me know what’s on your mind! Call, email or direct connect on linked in: http://v.gd/6mKEm5

Email: systhink (at) systemkey.net
Voice: +1-866-288-0530 (North America)
+1-847-227-3006 (International)

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