Two pillars in the doorway

1) We build our culture on virtue not vice.
2) People are not their behaviors.

As for the first, we build our culture on virtue not vice, just like the sun rises in the east not the west. The idea that we can legislatively replace virtue with vice without catastrophic consequences to the family of man is a ridiculous as the idea that the Kansas City Hyatt skywalk collapse was the result of too many angels dancing on the head of a pin.

What does one have to do with the other? Absolutely nothing! Just like there is no correlation, no relationship, no historical support for redefining natural law to suit the whims of a vanishingly small minority. Why are they vanishingly small? Because they cannot reproduce, they can only recruit – so they’ll always be a fringe element.

Do you believe planes fly? As in, is global air travel just a hoax?

Would you allow, say, your dentist, who after all, is really smart and has passed certification boards and everything related to dentistry, to fly a commercial airliner without training?

Of course not! Or if you did, you are personally responsible for the carnage that ensues.

So if we can understand skill in one field gives no capacity for effective performance in another specialty without adequate grounding (pun intended), why have we allowed so-called experts to redefine

  • the very foundations of society
  • the very definition of the family

in the face of overwhelming evidence that these outcomes are tragically harmful to the very people they claim to help?

Only tyrants do this. Only the capricious, who lust for power to feed their ego, seek to force their beliefs on others against their will. For those who watch MSNBC|CNBC and have repeatedly lost arguments with their reflection in the mirror, the Crusades were a response to Muslim Invasions. On this All Hallow’s Eve of 2015, it’s appropriate to recall the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary (Our Lady of Victory), just three weeks ago Thursday 7Oct15, when we celebrated the 444th anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto, where the European & Papal States navies led by Don John of Austria trounced Ali Pasha’s fleet 4:1 and Ottoman expansion was halted in the West.

Fast forward to today. Not only do we have the same attacks from the same people (somethings never change, “haters gonna hate“), yet the flipside is that we have petty and not so petty tyrants on our home shores, striving to impose their failed ideologies on the American people.

Sources of inspiration

From Europe:

Lautsi v. Italy

From America:

Rock on Christina!
Suck it up AAUP:

Carpe Diem!

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