Just another cracked lens?…a fresh perspective on Indiana

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The answer is so simple I’m not sure why it hasn’t been rolled out already.

The answer to what? If, dear reader, you have been blissfully meditating in a cave, far from the madding crowd, Indiana recently enacted their own version of the federal Religious Freedom & Restoration Act.

When someone asks if we support discrimination, ask them if they believe in gravity. It will silence them for a second, which is all we need. Then ask them if they believe the sun rises in the east. For everyone – for every culture, every ethnicity, every demographic distinction – does the sun rise in the east every day that it’s not overcast?

The only rational answer is yes. Once we have re-framed the discussion, [1, 2], it’s a simple, easy step to explain that gravity and the sun rising in the east are objective truths – they do not depend on someone’s opinion, on whom they love, on an evolved attitude – they are that way because that is the reality of living on this planet. It’s not opinion, it’s physics.

From the natural laws of physics, it’s a short walk in the park on a sunny day, to the natural laws of biology.

Shifting gears, (by this time the smart ones have recognized they’ve painted themselves into a corner), it’s simple, easy and straightforward to refresh the public awareness of a Supreme Court decision that’s been on the books for over 90 years. Back in the 1919 case, Schenck v. United States, Oliver Wendell Holmes coined the now-famous phrase that we are not free to shout ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre.

Nor are we free to open fire in a theatre with weapons of any kind. In the theatre of the mind and in the spectacle of the public square, a tyranical minority of activist judges, media talking heads and self-appointed elites, are opening fire with a narrative that makes about as much sense as saying one doesn’t believe in gravity or that the sun doesn’t rise in the east.

It really is that simple. In a recent issue of Perspectives, Tony Jameson writes:

It is a hallmark of maturity to seek the answers the data tell us rather than seek the data that will give us the answers we want to hear.

Celebrating our diversity

Just as framing the discussion sets the likely outcome, the spectacles or lenses through which we view the world tell more about us than about the issues themselves. Celebrating our diversity comes through recognizing the inherent dignity of the human person, therefore appeals to preferential treatment of class, race or gender all fall short. Today’s self styled elites make the same mistake as prior decades’ villains, the Nazis and Marxists. Nazis viewed the world through the lens of race and Marx through class struggle. Many of today’s talking heads and media darlings call to mind the petulant juvenile who demands her rights without any move to fulfill her responsibilities as a member of the family of man. With breath-taking clarity Francis Cardinal Arinze calls such an individual “a brat.” Those who embrace the long view, to climb the steps of the lighthouse to reach the lens room, can see over the modern media fog.

Carpe Diem! Blessings to all people of good will in this 2015 Easter Triduum,


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