Gender equality follows the equality of personhood

RE: Emma Watson’s UN speech launching the HeForShe project.

Greg Portell makes several good points for why & how she has demonstrated qualities of an effective spokeswoman. (UN speech link for convenience

The “residual risk” in the HeForShe message, is that without careful pruning of some key codewords, Emma’s speech launching HeForShe is just an updated, more nuanced expression of the same failed ideologies that have created such solipsism, such divisiveness, in the past.

A natural order

In a nutshell, gender equality follows the equality of personhood, never the other way around. Healthy people understand that priority on a subconscious level, independent of geography, culture, politics, income and other class-warfare tactics instituted by FDR, so powerfully detailed in Amity Shlae’s book, The Forgotten Man.

While brevity rules out a line-by-line analysis, multiple themes in the Watson speech are the very opposite of what she and others claim them to be. One sage has called talks like this sausage logic: “the skin of reason, stuffed with a lie” because the rights of one group cannot trample on the rights of another, less advantaged group without harmful consequences for society as a whole and all the individuals within it.

Unfortunately for Emma’s thesis, feminism has the same credibility as aryanism and worse yet, for similar reasons. US President Theodore Roosevelt famously said “to educate in mind but not in morals is to prepare a menace to society” which is more visibly true than in the past 50+ years.

As long as we Americans had the Dred Scott decision and Jim Crow laws, any talk of gender equality was just the gong and cymbal of 1Cor13:1.

An effective cultural expression that fosters true gender equality is powered by “the power in powerlessness” which leverages humility and servanthood. Today’s popular quests for various “rights” somehow rarely get around to addressing the responsibilities that give rise to those rights beyond the most basic: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

In a post-Gosnell world, no person seeking credible expression of human equality can deny that equality to the most vulnerable persons of our human race.

A few quick points

1) Serious students of science and the arts, from Camille Paglia to Christina Hoff Sommers recognize that we have been floating adrift for well over a century, as a cabal of mongrel minds (Marx, Engels, Freud, Nietzsche, Sartre, de Beauvoir) worked tirelessly to recruit passengers on Das Narrenschiff (the ship of fools). Sebastian Brant’s 1494 satire describes many media pundits “to a T” because they say good-sounding things and do bad things.

2) Several code words that doom the #HeForShe project if they’re not revised: “right to control my own body” is widely recognized as the countersign for abortion.

If the HeForShe movement’s leaders choose to embrace this scandal (a wolf in sheep’s clothing if there ever was one), I suggest this well-intentioned movement will quickly fade from the world stage.

By definition, the abortion movement can only recruit, they can’t reproduce (!), so the philosophy, cause, movement is doomed, in a very literal way, to die out within a couple of generations. The Soviet Union had nearly unlimited resources and it lasted a scant 70 years. Hitler’s “thousand year Reich” less than 1/10th of that.

Justice Blackmun himself wrote (pp. 156–157 of the Roe opinion) that “If this suggestion of personhood is established, [Jane Roe’s] case, of course, collapses, for the fetus’ right to life would then be guaranteed specifically by the 14th Amendment.”

3) JPMorganChase, a sponsor in the footer of, is currently under multiple attacks, not only for the 76MM accounts hacked (nearly “4 score” millions of people with their digital lives compromised), but also for their aggressively pro-same-sex bullying and formal company policy that is nowhere near neutral.

4) Agreeing that oppression is wrong, we can celebrate when the state requires (compels) secular oppressors to cease their meddling ways, as the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights did in Lautsi and others v. Italy. See specifically p. 20, para 47; p. 28, para 62; pp. 42-43, para 3.5 – 4.2 inclusive.

In conclusion: Women Deserve Better is an alternative movement that addresses these residual risks and deals with resolving the “cause of the cause” of this all-too-real gender inequality that was the veneer of Emma’s heartfelt remarks.

Carpe Diem,


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