Ideas Have Consequences

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The IT Security Group Hackformers inspired me to revisit my notes from their outstanding event of 15 March 2013, as we open this new year of 2014.

The Spanish writer Ortega y Gasset made quite a stir . . . → Read More: Ideas Have Consequences

With all thy getting, get understanding…

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A series of interactions yesterday clarified why I’ve always chaffed at the “membership” programs so prevalent on the web. They are unmistakeably profitable and perhaps it’s not to much of a stretch to remark that they are the dominant form of web-based residual income. For this particular self-styled business expert, their walk didn’t match their talk. That’s the take-away message: I’m for residual income and I’m for membership programs, yet I’d sooner give up chocolate, than own, lead or be a part of, programs that fail to deliver value arising out of the character witness of those involved. . . . → Read More: With all thy getting, get understanding…

A walk in the forest…

Systems Thinking teaches us how to scale our perspective to study the forest or the trees, while Systems Engineering tells us what to do with the data we find.

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