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if the One World Scheme anarchists (which some call Occupy Wall Street, OWS) had developed a coherent set of beliefs and a community-oriented strategy.


if they had respectfully approached neighboring homeowners and businesses with a well-though-out and well-articulated proposition (run with me here):

We would like to peacefully protest what we see as avarice, greed and corruption, by exercising our rights of free speech and assembly. We are meeting with you today to ask how we might [add value to your business | do chores or “earn our keep” with your household] so that we can [sleep in your warehouse/storeroom/basement/spare bedroom] when we are not conducting our protests and marches.


the very, very radical difference that this approach would have generated, both in terms of the global press coverage and the hearts and minds won-over.

Think that could never happen?

In one of Dale Carnegie’s classics, How to Win Friends and Influence People, he relates how Robert Fager Black, President of Cleveland’s White Motor Company, provided baseball equipment to the White Motor Company strikers and the strikers voluntarily cleaned up the grounds around the plant.

This friendliness on Mr. Black’s part did what friendliness always does: it begot friendliness… Such an event has never been heard of before in the long, tempestuous history of American labor wars. [Carnegie, How to Win Friends, p. 78]

Just Imagine

They could have done that, amazed the world and advanced their cause(s). Unfortunately, that’s not what they did. Like all marauders, the OWS were motivated by a “grasping” mindset rather than a “giving” mindset. “…[Y]ou can’t get away from the fundamental axiom that if you start with a bad premise you will inevitably reach a bad conclusion.” quips David Palm.

“To educate in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.” says Teddy Roosevelt.

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Apparently he’s right: there’ve been 30 times more OWS arrests in the first 30 DAYS of the movement than in the three YEARS of the Tea Party movement.

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The oft-heralded genius of Blessed JohnPaul II expressed this reality time and time again in his globe-circling travels to nearly 130 countries. There is financial grasping: usury and other dishonest profit, deprecated in 1745 by Pope Benedict XIV in Vix Pervenit. There is social grasping, witnessed in archetypal form in Latin America, where those who style themselves as part of the “haves” have servants who work ~12 hours/day for the equivalent of ~$US72/week ($72/60hrs = ~1.20/hr). There is sexual grasping, or treating a person as an object of your satisfaction, rather than the Divine Union of mind, body and spirit.

Marauders three, all these be.

On the one hand, when a business operates to maximize sustainable value to clients/customers and shareholders, they do so with the clarity of the 1927 General Motors, using financial control systems and management models pioneered by Donaldson Brown, not today’s pale shadow of the corporate titan it once was.

When men and women treat each other as living expressions of the Ultimate Good, their relationship builds and sustains families, who prosper in agape, eros and fides. This builds civilizations that span centuries.

Anyone who is capable only of reacting to the sexual values connected with the person, and inherent to it, but cannot see the values of the person as such, will always go on confusing love and eros, will complicate his own life and that of others by letting the reality of love, its true “relish” escape him. For this “relish” as I have called it, goes with a sense of responsibility for the person, a concern for the true good of the person—which is the quintessence of altruism in any form, and also an infallible sign of a broadening of one’s own existence… To feel responsibility for another person is to be full of concern, but it is never in itself an unpleasant or painful feeling. For it represents not a narrowing or an impoverishment but an enrichment and broadening of the human being. [Karol Wojtyła, Love and Responsibility, 1981, pp. 130-131]

On the other hand, those who grasp, who maraud, steal from the heart and mind as well as from the public peace. It can happen at the city level, such as with the One World Schemers as well as at the individual level. Men maraud when they partake in porn or prostitution (as consumers). Women do too (as producers or service providers), but they have a more insidious crime: the spiritually-deadly conceit that says it is ok to lie, cheat and steal in order to have a baby, one that is treated as property or a fashion accessory, no less. All life is sacred, yet bad means never justify good ends.

As Musashi says in the Book of Five Rings, “Think Deeply About This” and let it resonate with you until you Overcome Cultural Contamination, Unify & Purify Your Hearts and Minds.

Carpe Diem!


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