In-difference II: Organically Deriving y.o.u.r. Path to Profit 1

In last week’s post, I opened with the idea that those stuck as permanent teenagers have trouble distinguishing such basic concepts as right and wrong. Moreover, they reject the concept of objective truth, because they realize that any objective truth binds them to the discipline of growing, however slowly, even imperceptibly, toward that apex of human achievement, the ideal version of themselves as God designed them to live.

The high cost to taxpayers is exceeded by the even higher cost of lost opportunities for fulfillment by those who succumb to the lure of a stagnant life of dependency. Sowell, National Review, 5 Oct 2011

Organic Opportunity Costs

Funny things happen when truth is not synonymous with news. To put it in allegorical terms, a suffocating darkness falls upon the land. When people can no longer take your words at face value, or there is no logical, natural, connection between what you say and what you do, people are forced to waste an enormous amount of mental and emotional energy to determine the path of least hazard to themselves: is it riskier to believe you than the fallout of actively opposing you?

Organic used to mean “coming from plant or animal” (along w/some technical specialty meanings). Slackers in the news business have ladled on all sorts of political nuances. Multi-cultural Advocates (MCA), a staple of derision for these posts, have corrupted every term they have adopted into their regular parlance. Word to the wise: you deserve better than what is in store for them.

Your Own Unique Resource

Marshaling y.o.u.r. inner drive, to do what you need to do, when you don’t feel like doing it, is what distinguishes achievers from those who want to get catered-to while delivering no value in the marketplace. You want to stand out? Be a badger in a world full of weasels. You want to occupy something? How about occupying the virtues of the Boy Scout Oath and Law?

Transforming Thought

Walter Ong gave a workshop in Sacramento, Calif, way back in the fall of 1989 where he spent much of the day delivering two profound messages: writing transforms thought and love is essential to communication. Watching these two truths play out in dozens of environments across four continents and two round-the-world deployments, has transformed my life.

He is very forceful in that languages direct thoughts and thoughts direct actions. Without this love Ong contends and I agree, we may hear each other, yet we won’t “connect” in the manner that inspires hope, trust and confidence. Much of what the leader does which the organization/team/project requires are delivered as words, yet ring hollow if not fulfilled by human action that resonates with love.

Writing transforms sound – an event – into semi-permanence. It captures a moment in time that we can use to encourage those around us by the joy we radiate, to live the Gospel constantly and when necessary use words.

Keep pushing the boundaries of your sacred space and let the adventure envelope you. We’re in for quite a ride!

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