I’m so oppressed…or am I?

Angst is a uniquely rich country phenomenon. If you are in the majority of the world where basic minimal nutrition is a an on-going struggle, it’s a safe bet that you spend zero time worrying about updating your facebook page or if Tommy really likes Suzy better than you.

Pogo strikes again

Image: herbertzohl.blogspot.com

Walt Kelly’s most famous comic is probably the Pogo series. And how true it is so often!

One of the most insidious risks of our modern era is “the Roman Circus” or the lack of real challenges, so people invent causes to get stressed over. MCA are famous for this, because their worldview myth is non-pluralistic in the same way that Islam is non-pluralistic.

Whether you feel victimized like Sameer or repressed like Dennis, the Constitutional Peasant, the modern Aristotle must ask: is this the best use of your limited number of days on this planet? Is this what you want as your legacy?

Poll after poll citing statistics that parents are not parenting does not represent the imminent demise of society. It does however, reflect that those whose livelihoods and emotional makeup depend on being at the center of solving the latest crisis du jour have no effective Plan B (C, D, E…) when the government stops redistributing wealth because 101% of tax revenues are going to debt service, leaving zip, zero, zilch for social programs.

“There’s a lot of guilt involved with being an artist,” Bird says. “Defining yourself as an artist still seems somewhat unfair.” Austin360 Supplement to American-Statesman, 28Sep11, quoting Colby Bird

Really? This is the best you can do? All the biographies and exhibitions I’ve every read or attended about Michaelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, search as I might, no mention of artist guilt.

Thomas Sowell, economist and author, is also a highly lauded photographer who takes a dim view of “artistes” who produce deep stuff:

Like other arts, photography has become subject to fads and pretensions. Just as there are tangles of ugly metal in front of many public buildings in the name of “art,” so there are blurry photographs of ambiguous scenes that are supposed to be Deep Stuff. When I look at today’s prize-winning photos, the question I ask myself is: “If I had taken this picture, would I keep it or throw it in the wastebasket?” At least half the time, I would have thrown it in the wastebasket. Forbes, 28Dec98, Sowell

I agree.

As ever, Carpe Diem!


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