The Risk of Good PR

slide 27 of Innovative Risk Management briefing

After a busy week and a conference all weekend, the new faith-based blog (Enchiridion Texanae) is up-to-date, yet I was wondering what I was going to write about for the personal/tech blog. Thankfully, the talented, erudite and oh, so articulate Umair Haque solved that for me with a lovely burst of world-wide . . . → Read More: The Risk of Good PR

Persistence of y.o.u.r. Vision


Dali’s Persistence of Memory provides a segue full of insight to the process of disciplining your vision, through increasing the clarity of Your Own Unique Resources. Are the problems you’re picking to solve in your business hard enough to be worth solving? . . . → Read More: Persistence of y.o.u.r. Vision

Reverse Luddites


One of my most memorable professors, Charlie Gilmore, had a saying: figures don’t lie, but liars do figure and statisticians are great liars!


Here the US Census bureau gives us some whoppers to digest. Heartburn is more like it: even today, there are those benighted folks committed to illusions . . . → Read More: Reverse Luddites

I’m so oppressed…or am I?


Angst is a uniquely rich country phenomenon. If you are in the majority of the world where basic minimal nutrition is a an on-going struggle, it’s a safe bet that you spend zero time worrying about updating your facebook page or if Tommy really likes Suzy better than you.

Pogo strikes again . . . → Read More: I’m so oppressed…or am I?

A walk in the forest…

Systems Thinking teaches us how to scale our perspective to study the forest or the trees, while Systems Engineering tells us what to do with the data we find.

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