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STETA is a brand new 501(c)6 business league integrating head and heart to drive industrial innovation forward. As a B2B member-driven forum for best practices, STETA reflects, focuses and thereby magnifies the buzz around social media and the power of storytelling to show yet once again that technology alone will never produce breakthroughs that transform industries and cultures.

If this sounds like you, connect with Matt Weilert on Linked-In, direct message @systhink on twitter or just send an email to steta at systhink dot info with your personal pitch on why you would be an ideal Systemkey™ ambassador.

I formed STETA to harvest the powerful overlaps between Systems Thinking and Systems Engineering from the seeds of my experiences over the past twenty-five years planted across nine cultures. Systems Thinking teaches us how to scale our perspective to study the forest or the trees, while Systems Engineering tells us what to do with the data we find.

We’re looking to identify candidates who can step up to the task of serving as coaches, mentors and guides to interns and member companies. As ambassadors, you will carry the message of the enterprise-wide benefits that the Systemkey™ Risk Intelligence Framework brings, to the “far corners of the earth” as well as their own firm.

From the outset, we want to conduct this as a 21st Century organization, which means we will make maximum use of today’s communication tools. We are web-enabled with on-demand audio and video conferencing, voice- and email with files/tools via web repositories.

Without contradicting what I just wrote above, what will take time, talent and treasure is investing yourself in member companies’ leadership and interns from participating schools. The Edward de Bono Institute at the University of Malta for the European Union (EU) and the University of St. Thomas Cameron School of Business, for the southwest US/Texas, (and others as they come on-board), will be bringing their resources to better understand how and why Systemkey™ delivers such exceptional results.

Ambassador membership is on a rotating four-month basis. We’ll learn and adjust as we go along. If you know of the perfect candidate, we’ll work to tailor the talent with the window of opportunity to share that talent.

If this resonates with you, connect with Matt Weilert on Linked-In, direct message @systhink on twitter or just send an email to steta at systhink dot info with your personal pitch (or that of someone you’re recommending) on why you/they would be an ideal Systemkey ambassador for Spring 2011.

A culture shift in society as well as in business

The very word breakthrough comes from a warrior culture that has many elements which we can carry forward positively, yet misleads us about the cumulative nature of innovation, collaboration – and individual initiative. The decades of global success for the kaizen movement, relentless small improvements, are celebrated in a fresh original way with the publication of Chip and Dan Heath’s new best seller, Switch. (Buy the book and support us through our Amazon-affiliate bookstore.) The Brothers Heath bring three surprises to change management: Direct the Rider, Motivate the Elephant and Shape the Path. In Switch, they develop many examples of an analogy introduced in “The Happiness Hypothesis” by University of Virginia psychologist Jonathan Haidt. The Rider is our analytical side, the Elephant is our emotional side.

One of the most counter-intuitive aspects of successful transformative change is that seemingly insignificant adjustments have been clearly shown to have profound results.

Stepping through our own marketing material: that Systemkey™ turns innovation risk analytics inside out, is a concrete application of these three practices.

Direct the Rider:

When taught the Systemkey™ framework, (a rigorous syntax and flexible grammar that are the heart of the risk modeling language), the interns have the capacity to “focus on the bright spots” because their questions, while very specific and directed, are viewed by insiders as just the native inquisitiveness of newcomers rather than a safety or quality “audit.”

Motivate the Elephant:

In change management, innovation and everyday life, nothing much happens without an emotional commitment. Systemkey™ is the only industrial engineering-derived method (with all the structure, repeatability, traceability and discipline that evokes) which scales to handle international defense contractor consortia at the high end or a Mom & Pop shop, start-up or non-profit charity on the other. People’s wants, needs and desires have a well-established, yet flexible appearance in any Systemkey™ risk reporting.

Shape the Path:

By focusing on structure, teams using Systemkey™ avoid the distractions and time/cost overruns associated with asking subsystem or piece/part questions at the systems level and vice versa.

To Connect or Submit a Candidate:

Connect with Matt Weilert on Linked-In, direct message @systhink on twitter or just send an email to steta at systhink dot info with the pitch on why you or your candidate would be an ideal Systemkey™ ambassador for Spring 2011.

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